Fantastic VolcanoRelease date:2020-10-19

In the past two milion years, volcanic eruptions developed fourteen volcanoes, among which, Huosho volcano is one of the youngest ones, erupted only two hundred and eighty years ago. The eruption of Huoshao volcano also developed the second largest lava dammed lake in ChinaAnd rare geological landscapes. Huoshao volcano is regarded as the precious island floating on a Stone Sea, then what on the earth did the eruption bring for us? What are its geological treasures?

This volcano is not so tall,Its elevation is three hundred and eighty nine meters, But its height is only seventy three meters and the diameter of the base is three hundred and seventy meters.It’s a typical fracture volcanic cone, with two lava effusion exits in the southwest and northeast. The volcano seems to be split into two parts by a huge axe, so it’s also called “two part of volcano”.According to the data, Laohei Volcano erupted one after Huoshao Volcano between 1719 and 1721. At that time, a large amount of magma flew into the lower White Riverbed.When the hot magma flow met cold water, it became solid at once, like a dyke to ward off the water upstream, then the lakes formed. It’s called lava dammed lakes. Five connecting lakes comprise of the second largest lava dammed lake in China, we call it Wudalianchi.

Among fourteen volcanoes, Huoshan Volcano is not the highest one and the most precipitous one, but local people say it’s a miracle volcano, so what are the secrets ?Even though not so steep, it’s difficult for us to climb. Because there is a kind of volcanic rock, with many small holes, spreading all over the volcano. Local people say, only some geologists can climb the volcano for scientific research , most of the tourists can just enjoy the natural masterpiece in the distance.

It’s called Unsinkable Volcano, because the volcanic cone is mainly composed of large amount of pumice, and the pumice can float on the water surface. We can have a try. You can see many holes there, just like beehives, so the pumice is much lighter, even lighter than water. In this way, the crater is called a crater floating on the pumice. That is the reason why Huoshao Volcano is called Unsinkable Volcano floating on a stone sea!


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