Magical Mineral SpringRelease date:2020-10-19

Situated at the north part of Heilongjiang Province, Wudalianchi UNESCO Global Geopark is named as the Hometown of Mineral Spring of China. Together with Vichy of France and Ciscaucasia of Russia, the mineral water of Wudalianchi are revered as the best three cold mineral springs in the world and the diamond in the water. Why is the mineral water so valuable? What effects does the water have? In the morning, you can see that many local people and visitors from domestic and overseas with thermos bottles on their hands. Many people use thermos bottles here, but few of them are used for containing hot water. What do they use the thermos bottle for?

The mineral water of Wudalianchi is a kind of cold mineral spring which the temperature is 3-5℃. As the result, the mineral elements can be preserved better. Thermos bottle can keep the low temperature. Generally, hot spring will be formed in the volcanic area,because magma creats great heat energy. But world rare cold mineral spring appears in Wudalianchi. Containing co2 is the main reason to form cold mineral spring. According to the scientific test, the mineral water of Wudalianchi contains a mass of carbon dioxide. The content of co2 is 2000—3000mg/L. Many microelements existing in the mineral water stay in ionic condition and can be absorbed easily by human body.

The microelements of the mineral water not only have effective remedies for many ailments, but bring some troubles. Some visitors want to take mineral water away. But after a few hours, the limpid water becomes turbid with yellow precipitate. The mineral water of Wudalianchi contains a mass of ferrous iron which can be oxidized to ferric iron when the temperature rises or the water meet the light. Ferrous ion is oxidized to ferric oxide ( iron rust) after the water gushes out for a while. That is the reason why the water can not be taken away.

Offering a cup of tea for guest is a traditional custom in China. But people don't drink tea or hot water at Wudalianchi. Many scientists has made such experiments. Add a few drops of mineral water to a cup of tea, the limpid water becomes black. Because the mineral water of Wudalianchi contains a high volume of ferrous which can synthesize iron gall with tannic acid of the tea. Iron gall is brownish black. So the water and tea can not be drunk at the same time.

The mineral water of Wudalianchi is world rare compound type of mineral spring and natural volcanic cold mineral spring containing gas. However the magical water is not inexhaustible. Pan Yulin, former head of earthquake station, says that the formation process of mineral spring need a long time. The water which we drink now is formed 50 years ago. So we must take measures to protect and utilize the water reasonably...


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