Into the mysterious stone pond of ancient timesRelease date:2020-10-19

Among fourteen volcanoes in wudalianchi, Longmen Volcano is a typical old volcano erupted three hundred and forty thousand years ago. Now it’s all covered by dense forest. At the feet of the volcano, there is a large stone pool, which is considered as the best landforms of old volcanoes and a natural geological book.The lava here is different with that of new volcanoes, without pohoehe lava, without aa lava, but just huge blocky lava.—this is just Longmen Stone Village.

All the lava flow in Longmen Stone Village is blocky lava in volconology. It’s rare all over the world. Scalding and highly viscous lava began a long flowing process.The surface cooled down first, then solidified and fragmented but the lava flow inside continued to flow.As it moved forward, fragmented lava blocks were broken up into smaller pieces. The fragmented rocks eventually settled to form blocky masses.

So lava flow formed kinds of landscapes and wonders that we can see today. When the volcano eruption stopped, the earth was quiet again. And then new ecological succession continued. After so many years, Longmen stone village is covered in lush green vegetation now.

The Scientist Qian Xuesen, described Wudalianch volcano cluster as an open textbook on volcanoes, then Longmen stone village must be the best chapter in this book.


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