From more than 2 million years in prehistoric times to more than 280 years ago, Wudalianchi Global Geopark has erupted 14 volcanoes successively, and the world's rare high-quality low-temperature cold mineral water has appeared. It can be traced back to the ancient Sushen people and some nomads who often entered the area for hunting activities. They often went to Nanquan on the east side of the medicine spring to drink mineral water to cure illness and prolong the year. Later, a small number of Han people moved to this place to work in agriculture, which made the population of the area. Has increased.

  • 1945year
  • 1949year
  • 1945~1973year
  • 1974~1978year
  • 1961year
  • 1975year
  • 1976year
  • 2015year
During the rule of the Japanese and puppets, in order to plunder the agricultural wealth, the Japanese set up a pioneering group and moved into a large number of Han people to work in agriculture. They opened up wasteland in this area, which gradually increased the population and created villages.
During the War of Resistance Against Japan, Heilongjiang Governor Chen Lei led the three anti-Japanese detachments to fight the Japanese army here.
During the period after the founding of New China, the country opened up many farms here and carried out large-scale reclamation.
There are continuous surveys and researches by geologists and a lot of geological work has been done;
Carried out large-scale volcanic geology and mineral water geological survey, conducted in-depth and systematic surveys and research on Wudalianchi volcanic geology, landform, hydrogeology, mineral water, etc., and invested a lot of drilling work, completing 1:200,000 Regional geological mapping work has compiled 1:50,000 geological maps, hydrogeological maps, landform maps and survey reports.
The first nursing home was built, and by 1975 it had grown to more than 20.
In April, the Wudalianchi management area was established by the original Qingquan brigade.
The management area was cancelled and Wudalianchi Town was established.

On March 15, sponsored by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, China Environmental Protection Association, China Consumer Protection Rights Association, International Healthy Drinking Water Industry Alliance, and undertaken by Beijing Public Health Drinking Water Research Institute, China Health Promotion Foundation, China Environmental Protection Foundation The "2015 China Excellent Water Map and Drinking Water Index N1 Press Conference" was held at the Beijing International Convention Center. Wudalianchi mineral spring was included in the N1 China Excellent Water Map. The N1 index is superior to other water sources in the shortlist and belongs to high-quality water.

During the Holy Water Festival on June 19, the large-scale tourist cultural scene musical "Sacred Mountain and Holy Water Ancient Love" was performed for the first time.

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