The towering volcanoes surrounded by beautiful waters, the dormant volcanoes as against vibrant succession of life, the wonders of snow and ice on dog days versus thermal lakes in winter. Thus, at Wudalianchi are tangible physical representations of what traditional Chinese philosophers look for in natural Landscapes. The highest pursuit of Chinese landscape philosophers would be accomplished here standing before the works of Nature, galloping in the mind’ s eye over the mountain-water landscape, and contemplating within and without for ultimate enlightenment. The majesty and rich connotation of its landscapes, the harmony between the masculine mountains and the feminine waters, and the heart-rending vicissitudes it has been through, as well as the resilience of life, are gradually enabling it to become an outstanding example, illustrative of the traditional Chinese aesthetic taste. The natural beauty of Wudalianchi deserves its international reputation, displaying tangible reminders of the power of the Earth's forces, and a visual impact of landscape form and color that is spiritually uplifting and quite exceptional.

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