Wudalianchi is a precious heritage left by the Quaternary volcanic activities. It not only has volcanic landforms with great significance in eco-science and development history of geophysics, but also has unique ornamental and practical value in natural aesthetic and environmental medicine. Wudalianchi has three major advantages in resources: Firstly, it has the most completely preserved volcanic landforms in the world, honored by experts as “Natural Volcano Museum” and “A Living Textbook on Volcano”. Secondly, it has the best convalescent resource in the world. Spring water convalescent environment has effective treatment to diseases related to digestive, nervous, endocrine and skin system. Every year, A large number of people home and abroad come here for health care, and call Wudalianchi as “health care center for body and gas station for life”. Thirdly, Wudalianchi is also famous for the best quality spring which are formed by volcano eruption and are listed as one of the three most famous cold mineral spring in the world. This natural spring contains over 30 kinds of microelements that human bodies need. People can drink or take bath with it to strengthen health and treat diseases. That’s why it has the reputation of “magical spring” and “holy water”. When people step into Wudalianchi, they can not only appreciate the magnificent natural scenery of the volcanoes, taste magical spring water, but also can enjoy the adjustment to their bodies and souls by its excellent health care environment.

  • Wudalianchi Geopark joined the National Geopark Network in 2003, and became a member of the Global Geopark Network in 2004. To develop a Geopark in Wudalianchi can strengthen the reservation of precious natural heritages, promote popularization of science, and benefit to the sustainable development.
  • We have developed a sound planning and management program, following the principle of "strict protection, scientific planning, unified management, rational development and sustainable utilization", we commit to promoting science education and nature conservation. Our target is to sustain the unique natural resource of Wudalianchi, benefit to people and let the future generations continuously share this natural heritage.
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