Takydromus amurensisRelease date:2021-12-10

The Heilongjiang grass lizard (scientific name: Takydromus amurensis) is a reptile of the Lizard family and the grass lizard. Heilongjiang grass lizards are round, long and slightly flat, with a head and body length of 33-67mm, and a tail length that is more than twice the head and body length. The back of the body is brown, the sides of the body are dark brown, and the abdomen is almost off-white.
Heilongjiang grass lizards are active during the day, have a molting habit, hibernate, have a wide feeding habit, and eat a lot. They mainly feed on the larvae or adults of most insects. They produce 1-2 litters per year and 4-11 eggs. They generally live on the edge of mountain forests. , Barren hillsides, bushes, roadsides, etc., distributed in Russia, North Korea, China.

The Heilongjiang grass lizard was included in the "Nationally Protected List of Terrestrial Wild Animals with Important Economic and Scientific Value" issued by the State Forestry Administration of China on August 1, 2000.

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