Grus leucogeranusRelease date:2021-12-10

The white crane (scientific name: Grus leucogeranus) is a large wading bird, slightly smaller than the red-crowned crane, with a body length of 130-140 cm. When standing, the whole body is white, the chest and forehead are bright red, and the mouth and feet are dark red. When flying, the wing tips are black, and the rest are white feathers. They often live alone, in pairs and in family groups. During migration seasons and winter festivals, they often gather in large groups of dozens or even hundreds, especially at stops and wintering places during migration. It mainly feeds on the stems and roots of plants such as bitter weeds, waterweed, carex, and water chestnuts. It also eats the leaves and shoots of aquatic plants and a small amount of mussels, snails, molluscs, insects, crustaceans and other animal foods. Distributed in China\India, Iran, Afghanistan, Japan and other places.

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