Present State of Conservation of Volcanic Cones, Volcanic Craters and Lava PlateausRelease date:2020-10-21

In Wudalianchi, the main components of the volcano cones, volcano craters and lavaplateau are completely preserved. The 14 largevolcano cones remain in their original state andpossess complete volcano craters. Vegetations onXiaogushan volcano cone and one or two othervolcano cones were once partially destroyedby human activity, but these actions havebeen completely stopped,and this vegetationsis undergoing restoration. The lava plateaus,whether the new period aa and pahoehoe lavaaround Laoheishan and Huoshaoshan volcanoes,or the massive lavas around the old periodvolcanoes, are all well preserved, and most ofthem are kept in original state. Human activities,such as some traces of construction, quarry miningand lumbering, and little patches of farm fieldswere found in some parts. The mining of volcanoash started from 1990, with 4 mining sites inXiaogushan Volcano, Weishan Volcano, NorthGelaqiu Volcano and Laoheishan Volcano. 3 ofthem were closed in 1991, and the last one in 1999.Basalt quarrying started from the end of 1970s,and was terminated in 1999, leaving a miningwasteland of 0.33km near the south end of thenew lava shilongite plateaus. In the last 10 yearsefforts have been made to restore vegetationsdestroyed due to the basalt quarrying . As forthose constructions left on the new aa lava, theGeneral plan of Development for the WudalianchiTownship (2007-2020) make a commitment toclean them up in the plan period. Besides, in thelimited exhibition area of lava plateau, walkway,signs and warning notices have been in place toguide the visitors and protect the resources.


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