The Mineral Spring Industry Drive Rural RevitalizationRelease date:2022-04-08

    Mineral spring industry is one of the three most important pillar industries in Wudalianchi. Wudalianchi strongly pushes forward the manufacture of mineral spring tofu, mineral spring wine and mineral soya-bean oil based on richly endowed mineral spring resources by nature. The special industries greatly improve locals’ living standard. 

    Workers are busy with their work in the producing department of the Li Ermang Tofu Company which came into use recently. Trucks filled with tofu are transported to Harbin every two days, and then to 300 cities in 15 provinces.

    The General Manager of the Tofu Company Li Ermang: I feel grateful to the land and resources, so I employ over fifty local citizens to the factory.
Du Pengcheng, a staff in the Tofu Company, said that he has worked in the company for eight years, and that he doesn’t need to work in another city. He can work very well and look after his parents at the same time.

    QuanChihun Wine Company is built in Wudalianchi in 2017 because of the mineral spring here. Sun Chengxing, the Manager of the Wine Company said that the smell of wine is special depending on the mineral spring here. They make wine with mineral spring flavor after five-year research, which has been arrpoved by Heilongjiang Light Industry Association for Science and Technology. Fifteen kinds of wines are sold to eighteen agencies in China. After drinking the wine, tourists will buy some for their friends.

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