Pasted painting with shells of sunflower seedsRelease date:2020-10-21

    In our lives, sunflower seed peel is nothing more than ordinary things, but this ordinary sunflower seed peel, after the superb skills of the folk artist Qiu Yueying of Wudalianchi Global Geopark,are turned into exquisite handicrafts.

    Qiu Yueying is a second-level technician of national folk crafts and a lover of paper-cutting art. She got inspiration from the paper-cutting creation and took local materials to create a new folk art form of sunflower seed peel painting. In daily life, the peels of sunflower seeds thrown away by people become treasures in Qiu Yueying's place. According to the different size, color, texture and three-dimensional effect of each sunflower seed peel, we have to classify and process them and paste them into different works.

    According to Qiu Yueying, at the beginning, the works were all natural colors of sunflower seed peels, and the colors seemed rather monotonous, either black or white. Now according to the needs of the work, the sunflower seed peel is decolorized and dyed, and the colors of the work now are much richer. The production process is to dye the sunflower seed peel and dry it, and then enter the cutting and pasting process. Since the peel of sunflower seeds is relatively small and difficult to cut, it requires more patience and profound artistic and aesthetic skills from the creator. After a series of processes such as inlaying, hollowing out, hot-dyeing, oiling, mounting, etc., one after another exquisite sunflower seed peel pasting paintings are completed. The three-dimensional pictures outlined by the scaly sunflower seeds have opened up a new art form.

    According to Qiu Yueying, in the past few years, I have participated in many exhibitions, including the Harbin Trade Fair. The works have been recognized by everyone, and the sales are also very good. In August of this year, her sunflower seed peel paste painting has obtained the national intellectual property new utility patent, which makes Qiu Yueying more and more confident in continuing to create.

    Now, many handicraft shops in Harbin, Beijing and other places have ordered sunflower seed peel paste paintings from her. With the support of Wudalianchi Global Geopark, Qiu Yueying also intends to establish the Guazipi Paste Painting Association to carry forward this innovative folk art, and find a new way of combining art with the market, and the local flavor echoing the requirements of the times. The art form from the folk is promoted.
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