Present State of Conservation of Lava Dammed LakesRelease date:2020-10-21

There are a total of 10 lava dammed lakes: theFirst Lake, the Second Lake, the Third Lake, theFourth Lake, the Fifth Lake, the Yaoquan Lake,the North Yueya Lake and the South Yueya Lake,Wenpo Lake and Bagua Lake.

The banks of the lakes are of two types: made ofrock or soil. Rock banks are firm and stable, butparts of soil banks in the east and northwest of theThird Lake and north of the Fifth Lake collapsedbecause of water erosion. To solve the problem,the Management Committee of Wudalianchi hasset out plans to let the farmland along the edgesof the lakes revert back to wetland. The localresidents have established fisheries in the lakes,and accordingly the Management Committee ofWudalianchi has formulated strict rules on theintensity of aquaculture, types of fishing fry andfeeds, and the methods by which fish are caught.Currently there is no invasion from alien aquaticspecies, and the water quality is under strictmonitoring.


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