Tulotis fuscescens (L.) Czer. Addit. et Collig.Release date:2021-12-10

Dragon Orchid (scientific name: Tulotis fuscescens (L.) Czer. Addit. et Collig.): Plant height is 20-60 cm. The rhizome is finger-like, fleshy, and slender. The stem is stout, upright, with 1-2 tube-shaped sheaths on the stem, with leaves above the sheath, large leaves obovate or elliptical, upright extending, with 1 to several bract-like leaflets above the large leaves. The raceme is long and narrow, with many densely blooming flowers; the flowers are small, yellow-green; the petals are erect, obliquely elliptic-lanceolate, close to the middle sepal and much narrower, less than 2 mm wide, blunt apex, slightly fleshy, with 1 pulse; lips stretch forward, somewhat drooping, tongue-like lanceolate, fleshy. Flowering from June to August. The fruiting period is from September to October. 

Born in the hillside forest or ditch at an altitude of 400-3800 meters. Distributed in China, the Korean Peninsula, Siberia, Russia and Japan.

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