Platanthera chlorantha Cust. ex Rchb.Release date:2021-12-10

Two-leaf tongue labia (scientific name: Platanthera chlorantha Cust. ex Rchb.): Plant height is 30-50 cm. The tuber is ovate and fusiform, fleshy. The stem is erect, glabrous, with 2 large leaves close to each other and nearly opposite to each other near the base. The basal large leaves are elliptic or oblanceolate-elliptic. The raceme has 12-32 flowers, 13-23 cm long; the flowers are larger, greenish-white or white; the petals are erect, oblique, narrowly lanceolate, 5-6 mm long, 2.5-3 mm wide at the base, not Isometric, curved, gradually narrowing into a linear shape, 1 mm wide, with 1-3 veins, abutting with the middle sepal and forming a pocket; the lips extend forward, tongue-like, fleshy, 8-13 mm long, wide Approximately 2 mm, blunt apex. Flowering from June to July.

Born in the hillside forest or grass at an altitude of 400-3300 meters. It is widely distributed in China, Europe to Asia, and also distributed from England to the Korean Peninsula. This flower is cultivated and has high horticultural value.

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