Wudalianchi volcanic seismic monitoring stationRelease date:2020-10-21

Wudalianchi seismographic station was established in 1978, it is restructured into Wudalianchi volcanic seismic monitoring station in 1978.

The Station is located in the foot of Yaoquan volcano of Wudalianchi Global Geopark, Heihe City, Heilongjiang province, China. The total area of the Station is about 1500㎡. There are 5 sub-stations and 2 monitor rooms. Three of sub-stations equipped with the new CTS-1E wideband multichannel seismometer and EDAS-24 digital acquisition system. The two monitor rooms are also equipped with the new digital monitoring instrument. At present, the whole digital monitoring station network is able to undertaking all monitoring programs of seismometry and subsurface fluid, including micro and macro earthquake. The main monitoring item is measuring geothermal water temperature. The auxiliary items include air temperature, pressure, precipitation, humidity, water level and gas chromatography. These measurements cover the entire volcanic area of Wudalianchi.

In terms of microearthquake real-time monitoring, the minimum monitoring capability can be accurate in zero magnitude; it can capture the quiet earthquakes, take the real-time recording of volcanic seismic activities as well. All staff of this station collect and analyze the data around the clock. They will also report the real-time seismic information to other province seismic stations and the State Seismological Bureau to share the monitoring data.


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