ZhongLing Temple FairRelease date:2021-12-15

    The Zhongling Temple is located in the Yaoquan Volcano fire vent with a seat-shaped feng shui that faces the north and the south. The fire vent temple is also rare in the world. The incense sticks here all the year round, attracting countless good men and women at home and abroad to worship the Volcano and worship Buddha for hundreds of years. The people of all ethnic groups in northern China frequently came here to worship mountains and waters, praying for happiness and prosperity. This custom lasted until the 7th year of the Republic of China. At that time, the famous Jingyi master, a wandering monk on Mount Putuo, looked for the "Beihai Eye" in the dream and came here. Go to Udlin (because the Buddhists once had: the "Three Associations of Longhua in the World of 560,000 Years" spread in Beihaiyan), seeing here is indeed the sage of mountains and waters, towering ancient trees, and the simple folk customs are the blissful world of my dreams. The sand table is consistent with "the fourteen mountains in the north of the west, connected by the five ponds, springs in water, immortals in caves, Zhongling in the North Sea, early view of bliss", and the Volcano of Yaoquan is called "Volcano of Bliss", and the temple is called "Zhongling Temple" "(The bell is: the bell rings through the sky and into the earth, and it senses the sacredness of the ten directions; the spirit is: the nature of dharma is incomparable, and it sorts out all things in the world). So he led the monks to alms to build the temple, after 11 years, finally built the Zhongling Zen Temple with a building area of more than 10,000 square meters, a five-story hall and more than 200 Buddha statues. Become a Buddhist holy land with a radius of thousands of miles. Unexpectedly, in the autumn of 1941, on a cold and windy night, the Kwantung Army, in spite of the resistance of the monks, forcibly demolished more than 140 Buddha statues. After the war and man-made catastrophes, this Buddhist holy land declined. "Flowers fall when they bloom." In the early 1990s, the enlightened master of Wutai Volcano practice inherited the last wish of Jingyi. After three years of hard work, he raised more than 20 million funds to revitalize Zhong Ling. A large scale in three northeastern provinces The ancient temple of Zhongling was rebuilt on the original site, and Zhao Puchu, chairman of the Chinese Buddhist Association, wrote an inscription for the ancient temple of Zhongling.
    On the left and right sides of the front courtyard are the Bell and Drum Towers, where bells and drums ring every morning and evening. There have been many national "Water and Land Dafa Conferences" held here. Thousands of monks from across the country gather at the "Beihai Eye" holy site. Every event is full of momentum. For a month, on the eighth day of the April Eighth Bathing Buddha Festival every year, Zhongling Temple holds large-scale Buddhist events to attract thousands of believers to worship the mountain. Cigarettes curl up around the wall. Pixia destroys the sunset, and listen to the bell in the evening." Yaoquan Volcano is really a volcanic pure land and a Buddhist holy land.
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