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    Tell a little-known myth. The Jade Emperor has been frowning all day long these days, what's the reason for you? It turned out that the queen mother and mother suddenly got eye disease! At first, the eyes were swollen and painful, and tears ran down. Immediately afterwards, no matter what you look at is vague, and later, the blind is not called the blind—the blind! I can't see anything. Her temper was not very mild at first. She opened her eyes for more than a long time, and suddenly turned into a black eye. This suddenly made her anxious, and she was furious from time to time, and she was not able to wait. It scared the maids, everyone. Don't dare to come closer. Can the Jade Emperor be in a hurry? It’s been three days since I got eye disease, but I didn’t want to make trouble for it, rubbing my palms, wandering around for a long time, making a plan, summoned the personal courtier Taibai Jinxing to the front, and said: "Can you think of a smart trick? Look good on the eye disease of the Queen Mother?!" Taibaijinxing blinked his eyelids, and said with joy on the ground: "I remember, please come and see the king of medicine! He is not only proficient in the properties of herbs, but also very good in medicine. Very good!" "Well, you can invite him here! It's urgent!" The Jade Emperor said in a hurry. How dare the Taibaijinxing be negligent, swaying the old-fashioned body bones, and walking away. After waiting for half an hour to get dark, Lord Yao hurriedly arrived at the Queen Mother Yaochi, panting, following Taibai Jinxing. As soon as he stepped into the gate, raised his eyes to see the Jade Emperor, he quickly got down and bowed to salute, "No! Come and see her eye disease!" The Jade Emperor waved his hand and said hurriedly. "get some water, I'll wash my hands first." Yao Wangye said. He just came back from picking herbs on Qibao Mountain, and his hands are so dirty that he can't wash it without washing? After washing his hands, I hurriedly sat next to the Queen Mother and Niang Niang. While inquiring about the situation, she rolled her eyelids and looked carefully, and smiled confidently: "Please don't worry, the Emperor Jade and Niang Niang will be cured! Take the Guangming Pills. In two hours, you will see the light again!" The Queen Mother said impatiently: "Where is the medicine? Give me a meal, hurry up!" The Lord Yao opened the medicine box, took out two Guangming pills, and gave them to the Queen Mother. I saw her quiet down slowly, no longer chattering. At this time, none of them said a word, and waited silently. Not too long in the past, the Queen Mother greeted her: "Is it time? It's almost here, right?" Yao Wangye comforted and said, "Please calm down, wait slowly, and soon." The Jade Emperor comforted him: "As the saying goes, It’s easy to get sick and get rid of it hard. Be patient, this will only take a while...". After two hours, Yao Wangye was dumbfounded and sweated. What's the matter? The eyes did not open! The Queen Mother shouted: "Why is it not time yet! I am anxious! I am anxious..." The Jade Emperor and Taibai Jinxing asked in unison: "This, this, what's the matter?" Yao Wang stammered. Said: "It is possible that the empress is too angry, causing the eyes to be too sick, too serious! Two pills do not work, take two more pills and see, maybe it will be good." An hour passed again, but the eyes still didn't open. This medicine king is the old lady wearing felt socks-her feet are hairy! She was in a cold sweat and was puzzled. In the end, he called the Jade Emperor aside, lowered his voice and said, "The Queen Mother's eye disease is too serious, and I can't do anything. The eye drops I prepared are all rare and exotic treasures to treat other people's eye diseases. But, she, her eye disease..." After hearing this, the Jade Emperor thought for a while, and said: "You did your best. I ask you, besides you, think about it, is there any other way?" After thinking hard for a while, he slammed his head and said, "Hey! I remembered, I heard that Laojun Tai Volcanog is busy practicing and concentrating on God Pill at this time, so hurry up to find him, maybe he can have a brilliant trick, he definitely can. Cure the eye disease of the empress!" The old gentleman came, and said with a straight smile: "This little illness is nothing, eat my concentrated divine pill, and it will be cured soon!" The Jade Emperor nodded and said, "I hope so. I hope so.” The queen mother waited impatiently: “Hurry up and give me medicine! Hurry up!”TaiVolcanog Laojun laughed and said, “The medicine is already in, you can speak with God’s method. I sent it into your mouth." When the Queen Mother heard this, she suddenly let out a cry of surprise, and her heart slowly calmed down. She waited a moment, and moved her eyelids consciously, hi! It's so firm that you can't open it even if you open it! About half an hour later, the Jade Emperor was a little uncomfortable. What was even more restless was TaiVolcanog Laojun, his face turned pale, his eyes widened. It was like a mirror in his heart, what this meant, taking medicine was useless! Emperor Chongyu waved his hand and said with a sigh: "I, dig an ear spoon to scoop the sea water-inconspicuous! I am convinced, I am really convinced. The Queen Mother's eye disease is a rare and stubborn disease in my life. I can't cure it! But I I think that strong players have more strong players, so please have a look at someone who is wise..." After hearing this, the Jade Emperor looked sad and said in his heart: Who else can I invite? Please leave it aside for now. It is said that on a day when the sun is shining and the sky is clear, the sea of Beihai (the former name of Wudalianchi) is misty. The diffuse smoke gradually dissipated, and two beautiful girls appeared, giggling non-stop. After two laughs, she looked out into the distance of the sea. Ah, the vast ocean of blue sky! You made a great contribution. Isn't it true that we grew up in your arms, and if we leave you, we cannot survive. Isn’t it? Your bold personality and your never-ending struggle are all motivating us to make unremitting progress! We are willing to be like you and treat others with sincerity... These two girls feel a little worried when they think about this. Where does the worry come from? From the queen mother. Speaking of this matter, it was one night long ago, two young girls made a special trip to visit the Queen Mother, and came to Yaochi in the dust. With the permission of the Queen Mother, the maid at the door led them into the hall. The arrogant and arrogant queen mother, took a look, immediately lowered her face, looked at it carefully for a while, and hurriedly said, "Whose girls are you? What can you tell me?" One of the girls smiled. He said, "My two are the daughters of Beihai Dragon King Ao Shun. My sister is Long Zhen, and her sister is Long Zhu. Today, I saw the queen and asked for mercy. Can you agree to let my sisters go to the mortal world and appreciate it? The beauty of the people..." Before she finished speaking, the queen mother said angrily: "I want to violate the rules of heaven! Not to mention you two stinky children, all the gods in the sky, no matter how great they are, they have to Honestly, I’m stunned. Whimsical, no way! You just die!" She stared at her eyes, and said: "Let me tell you first, if you secretly go down to the world, let me know, there are two To deal with it, one is to severely punish your Lao Tzu, and the other is that you will never be able to return to the sky again. Did you hear it clearly? Huh!" The little sisters of Longzhen and Dragon Ball were very upset and returned to Beihai. A few days came March 3, the Queen Mother held a flat peach sacred meeting, and the Beihai Dragon King Ao Shun went to a banquet to celebrate her return, her expression unhappy. The two sisters of Long Zhen and Dragon Ball were thinking about it. Could it be that it was so, and Ao Shun said solemnly, "Is it true that you two went to the queen with my back? She repeatedly asked me to take care of you. Don't steal it. Ah, I beg of you, have pity on your goddamn dad!" After talking, crying, the two little sisters knelt down and choked up in unison: "Daddy, dad, don't you worry about it." Daughter listen to you..." After hitting this, the two little sisters stopped thinking about the mundane affairs, and devoted all their energy to the practice taught by Guanyin Bodhisattva. From morning to night, they plunged into the sea and got out. After some hard training, their gongs became natural. They can put the water in the sea into their bodies, use them when and when, and use them as much as they want; no matter where people go, the sea water takes them with them. The most peculiar thing is that this sea water can spray out in their respective eyes. At the beginning, both of them thought it was a lot of fun, and they didn't know what special purpose it had. One day, Tieguai Li in the Eight Immortals passed by the north coast. Because he loves to drink, he brought a wine gourd with him. He just finished drinking at this time. After drinking and having a good show, he stretched out his hand to grab a crane flying in the sky and hugged it in his arms. He was teasing the crane to play, pinching its long mouth and not letting go, so that the crane was out of breath, anxious, and shaking his head vigorously, he broke free and ran away. Tieguai Li glanced at it silly, bowed his head and continued on the road. Unexpectedly, the crane rushed down abruptly, focused on Tieguai Li's eyes and uttered two mouthfuls, bloody. This is broken! I was blinded immediately, and I couldn't see anything. He covered his eyes with his hands and rolled on the ground in pain. At this moment, a torrent of rain fell from the sky, and it made the Tieguai Li Xiang just fall into the soup. He thought it was weird, um—! The sky was still clear just now, why did it change in such a short time? ! In a moment, his eyes opened, and they were brighter than before, and he was really clear when he saw everything. Now he broke his music and started to sing. The sky is still clear, and the setting sun reflects colorful and brilliant brilliance. Standing on the surface of the North Sea were Long Zhen and the Little Dragon Ball sisters. The sudden heavy rain just now came from them. The two sisters used their eyes to spray water jets into the distance to have a game to see who sprayed high and far. It happened that Tieguai Li was rolling on the ground, and two jets of water pounced on his head. After the jet of water stopped, the two of them discovered that a person was climbing up in the place where the water fell, singing loudly and loudly. She smiled at each other, thought it was very interesting, and flew over. That Tieguai Li had never seen them before, didn't know him. Straight eyebrows stared blankly, and asked: "The two girls are..." "I am the daughter of Beihai Dragon King Ao Shun, her sister is Long Zhu, and my sister is Long Zhen. I use my eyes to spray with water. I'm sorry to pour you down, sorry, I apologize to you!" The sisters worked together. Tieguai Li hurriedly returned the gift and smiled: "Well watered, watered well! I have watered my eyes, I should thank you, um, please drink!" The sister heard this, a little bit I was stupefied and asked quickly: "Who are you always? What's the matter?!" Tieguai Li took a sip of wine and said cheerfully: "My name is Tieguai Li, I have heard of it. Right?" The sisters said in tact together: "I heard that it turned out that the god is here, and the little one is polite." Tieguai Li immediately returned the gift, smiled. He talked about the story of catching the crane just now and playing with it, and being scorned by the crane, "It hurt me at the time, my eyes were pitch black, and I touched two pits with my hand. It's over, I'm completely blind! Hey, My grandma gave birth to a son—I'm saved (uncle)! Suddenly there was heavy rain, not rain, but the water you sprayed over. With this watering, my eyes opened immediately, okay! Although I am older, the two girls saved me, I also kowtow to you!" With a "Tong", Tieguai Li knelt down and knocked his head. Before the two sisters had time to react, they also returned their heads immediately. Tieguai Li was very happy, and said: "The water you sprayed has caught up with the panacea. It's better than the concentration of Laojun, otherwise, I'm blindly determined, and I have to change my name again, and become blind iron. I'm kidding Li, hahaha... I'm rushing to have something to do, please ask the girl to ask your father how is it!" After speaking, he vacated. The two sisters looked up at Tieguai Li. They had been looking at the shadows, and sighed deeply. Tieguai Li said that after hearing the words, the two sisters were pleasantly surprised. Only then did they realize that the water sprayed from their eyes could cure eye diseases. This was something they had never thought of. It was really amazing! As for why? I don't know. Back to the Sea Dragon Palace, the two sisters happily told the old man about the matter. Ao Shun said happily, "Really? Great! As for why it can be cured, I can't tell. It must be Guanyin Bodhisattva who taught you to practice this exercise for this purpose, right? It must be so. What's going on." He encouraged his daughters to continue practicing unremittingly. In the future, your sisters may get ahead in this aspect and become famous for their careers! Both of these sisters felt happy and determined to practice the exercises harder, hoping that one day they would show their skills. Turning to talk about the Jade Emperor, he was so anxious that he was burning on pins and needles. Yao Wangye and TaiVolcanog Laojun have been seen. If it can't be cured, who else can I invite? Sitting on the chair, he muttered to himself: "I have no more tricks..." Taibai Jinxing offered advice again: "The emperor, I might as well write a notice, offering a huge reward for recruiting genius doctors. It may be effective." "Okay, just do it!" The Jade Emperor came to his head and flicked his sleeves. I wrote ten notices and sent them to post them. Early the next morning, Tieguai Li came and asked to see the Jade Emperor. He claimed that he recommended a genius doctor to ensure that he would be optimistic about the eye disease of the Queen Mother. After the prostration, he hurriedly said: "My eyes were blinded by the cranes, and the whole eyeballs are gone. They were looked after by the daughter of Beihai Dragon King Ao Shun, Long Zhen and the Dragon Ball sisters. They have a kind of divine water. Just a chick!" He approached the Queen Mother’s bed, and after permission, he reached out and touched her eyes, and said: "This eyelid is bulging, it means that the eyeballs are not broken, it can be cured better, and insurance can be cured! "The Jade Emperor urged with joy: "Then you can run and invite her and her sisters! The rewards are still the same, not bad at all." Tieguai Li said, "Okay!" gone. He dropped the cloud head and stood on the north coast, and took a look, hehe, their little sisters were floating on the sea not too far away, spraying water! "Girl Long Zhen! Girl Dragon Ball!" Tieguai Li Lian yelled twice, and the two sisters stepped on the water waves and landed on the shore. When they saw the fairy Tieguai Li arrived, they made a good gift. Tieguai Li couldn't wait to blurt out: I can tell you a good news, the opportunity to make a fortune is here! The queen mother is now blind, and no one can cure it. The Jade Emperor offered a reward of ten thousand taels of gold for a genius doctor. I recommend that your sisters go there for treatment. Great thing, let's go! "Long Zhen shook her head and said: "Don't go!" Tieguai Li was stunned: "Why don't you go? !" "There is a reason for it. "This sentence reminded Dragon Ball. She cast a look at Tieguai Li, and hurriedly pulled her sister aside, and whispered close to her ear: "Be merciful, we don't want gold, just agree to our last request... …" Long Zhen nodded repeatedly, Chongtieguai Li smiled and said: "Volcanog Xian, let's get up and go together! "Seeing that the Jade Emperor had finished his bowing, I made it clear in person: the eye disease is cured without gold, and they are allowed to go down. The Jade Emperor promised with full mouth, and wrote a letter of agreement as proof. The two sisters happily took the letter of agreement in their arms and began to treat the queen mother. Eye disease. The people present, especially the Jade Emperor, stared in surprise, watching her sisters each take two glasses of clear and pure water from their eyes and slowly pour them on the eyes of the Queen Mother and the Queen Mother. After a while, the Queen Mother and the Queen Mother. Without much effort, he opened his clothing eyes, and exclaimed in surprise: "My eyes are good, I saw it, I really saw it." People cheered in unison: "God." At this moment, the Guanyin Bodhisattva was in trouble. He ran into the house, and after the noise, he blurted out: "Is the queen mother cured? "The Jade Emperor said with joy: "These two girls were healed!" "The two sisters couldn't help but ran to the Guanyin Bodhisattva, and said with tears in their eyes: "Hello Master? I miss you!" "Good, good. I see, you two have practiced your skills. It's great!" "The Guanyin Bodhisattva adjusted her face, and briefly explained in public. The big guy woke up and said in unison: "The Queen Mother's eye disease has been cured, and here is half of your credit!" At this time, the scene moved the Queen Mother, she solemnly Yipu: "Longzhen Dragon Ball II Girl, I see the light again today, thanks to you! I really don't know how to thank you. Well, since you don't want gold, you are allowed to go back to the world when you return to the sky, whatever you want! "The sisters jumped up and cheered two by one: "Thank you Niang Niang, thank you Niang Niang for her great kindness! Everyone was also happy. The Jade Emperor ordered a special table to set up a banquet to entertain the two sisters, Guanyin Bodhisattva and Longzhen Dragon Ball, and all the gods present also followed a beautiful meal. After the banquet, I bid farewell to the Jade Emperor and all the gods. Guanyin Bodhisattva saw that there was no one around, and said with earnest heart: "You and your sisters will live up to my expectations. Now that you have practiced magical powers, you can take advantage of the opportunity to do so. The common folks have specialized in treating eye diseases and have fulfilled my long-cherished wish for many years. Remember, be compassionate everywhere, do more good deeds, and ignore those who behave viciously..." The two sisters replied resoundingly:" Remember!" Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva finally entrusted: "Before he descends from the world, tell your father, let the elderly take care of yourself, don’t worry about it. After a long time, your sisters will come back and take a look. Let’s do it for me. Say hello, dad." To make a long story short, the two sisters said goodbye to their old father, and their hearts were particularly heavy. Ao Shun sent it one way after another, but after repeated persuasion by the sisters, she had to tears away. She started off, and looked back at the father standing on the cloud from time to time. Her pale beard and hair fluttered in the wind, and she was waving with a cane in her hand... Don't look at it, the more you look at it, the more uncomfortable your heart becomes, sister. Yiyi gritted his teeth and turned back, speeding up, Tengyun flew straight to the northeast in the mist. It's autumn, and the WuhuaVolcano, which is full of maple leaves, is really beautiful, and the scene of people in the field shouting for a busy autumn harvest is even more lively! Both of them thought it was so fresh that they couldn't even catch a glimpse of it. "Wow! Wow..." A black and white pug barked at her and ran back while barking. There are several poplar trees on the ground not far away, and under the trees sits an old lady with white hair. She greeted loudly: "Hanako Hanako don't bite, come back soon! Are you here after life?" The two sisters walked straight here. The old lady closed her eyes tightly, stroking the little pug with her hand, and heard the rustle of footsteps stop, she asked, "Who is this?" Long Zhen hurriedly replied, "How are you old man? It's my sister." Two." As soon as the old lady heard the soft voice, she was not a local, and then asked: "Oh, where did you come from?" Dragon Ball rushed: "I came from a far, far away place. Old man. Your eyes..." This question touched the sadness, and the old lady said in a whining voice: "My eyes are blind from crying. They have been blind for five years. It was a vicious servant who forced my old man to death. , Crying day and night, just crying blindly!" The two sisters were shocked, and they were filled with grief and anger. Another thought: Our two sisters are now coming to the world, aren't they just treating the eyes of the common folks! Just so, hurry up and show her the old man. Without smoking a bag of cigarettes, the sisters screamed for a while, and the old lady's eyes really opened! She stared blankly, and murmured: "I, I, aren't you dreaming?" The sisters couldn't help laughing, "I'm not dreaming, your old eyes are really real." Okay, did you see the two sisters?!" The old lady looked up and down at the two handsome girls who were standing in front of them, wrapped in white clothes, and hurriedly knelt down and said: "The merciful and compassionate Guanyin Bodhisattva, thank you, thank you, thank you... "Kowed my head endlessly. The sisters hurriedly picked her up. The old lady couldn't help but whispered in her heart, isn't there only one Guanyin Bodhisattva? How come there are two? They look exactly the same. No matter what I said, I must be a fairy. She desperately yelled at the son and daughter-in-law who cut the soybeans, "Pillar! Come here soon, your couple, the fairy has cured my eyes, come and take a look!" The young couple ran away happily. Coming over, I looked at my mother's bright and bright eyes in surprise, tears gleaming. They lay on the ground numbly, kowtow at the sister. Some of the farmers in this village came to look at the strange and admired it. The two sisters immediately got acquainted with these ordinary people, looking at these simple and amiable smiling faces, they chattered so loudly as if they were a family. After the fight, the two sisters lived in the old lady's house. "The immortal cures eye disease!" This unprecedented great news spread like wildfire, spreading farther and farther, and people in a radius of hundreds of miles came to seek medical treatment of eye disease. The two sisters are busy at this time, and they are seeing their eyes around the clock. One does not need money and two does not accept gifts, to save the hardship and benefit the people; the many people who come to see the doctor are so touched that they don't know what to say. Among them is an old scholastic, who made up a rhetoric on the spot: Immortals send good doctors to a high level, and have special tricks to cure eye diseases; the miracle of rejuvenation is a miracle, and I promise to see a good one! All of a sudden, the nearby villagers, men, women and children would say that they would come with their mouths open. People talked wherever they went, and it spread quickly. One evening, the old lady’s son Zhuzi went up to the county seat to sell reed mats and drove the donkey back. As soon as he entered the gate, he ran into the house in a panic, looking at no outsiders, and hurriedly said to her sisters: "Two immortals, It’s time for you to make a fortune. The people in the county were clamoring, saying that you would treat eye diseases. It’s amazing. I heard that there are two big businessmen and rich men who come to invite immortals. It's eye disease." "That's great, come and go!" Long Zhen replied simply, and gave Dragon Ball a look. Then he said: "If it really comes, I think it should be done like this... As for why? You will understand it slowly." At noon the next day, I suddenly heard the sound of gongs and drums, getting closer and closer. Everyone in the village ran out of the house to watch the excitement. I saw two young masters riding tall horses, shaking their heads and walking in front. Behind them were two large sedan chair lifted by eight people. Behind the sedan chair were two porters carrying gifts, followed by a group of drummers, and they played hard. Going into the village. The pillar greeted him with a smile, and said with a grin: "Excuse me, brother, what are you doing? It's so lively!" The two broad young masters got off the horse, and the tall one said, "Inquire, I heard that there is a fairy who sees eyesight. Is it here, really?" "Yes, yes, she lives in the melon shed on the shore of Sichizi, and I will lead you." When the villagers heard that something was wrong, the immortal was clearly living in your house, so...a swarm of bees A crowd like that followed behind their buttocks, and came to the door of the melon shed where the sisters lived together. The two young masters were very refreshed. After explaining their intentions, they presented gifts. The two sisters happily sat in the sedan chair and tremblingly went to the county town. When it was dark that day, the two sisters came back! Long Zhen took out the money from his pocket, and said, "This is the money the two families gave for seeing the disease. Give it to your family. My sisters had anticipated this step two mornings. They really are rich and unkind and can't be pitiful! "Dragon Ball sighed: "Let's make a long story short. Although their eye diseases are cured now, they will suffer from it in the future, and it will be worse. At that time, they will come here to make trouble, and we will leave later..." Zhuzi's family When I heard it, my heart felt a little, "I'm leaving, where do I go?!" the three members of the Zhuzi family asked in surprise. Long Zhen said: "We have been out for more than 20 days, and now we have no supernatural powers and can only spray water. It is impossible to return to the sky, only to settle in the people. My sisters have discussed it two mornings and are ready forever. Go into the ground and spray water, and the address is at the foot of Yaoquan  Mountain." Longzhu continued: "One day it will be exposed to the ground, and that will be the water that my sisters drank from the longan. They can continue to treat eye diseases for the folks. We did this, No complaints or regrets. Your whole family must keep this matter secret for the time being, and you must never spread it." In the middle of the night, the two sisters left as soon as they said. Two of her sisters parted and blessed: "Please come back, we have a heart-to-heart, enough. I wish the common people peace!" From now on, I don't know how many years have passed. Under the Yaoquan  Mountain, clear and cool and refreshing water really appeared. Years, months and months, rushing day and night. This is the water that people see and drink today from the " Erlong Spring".
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