Incorrupt MagistrateRelease date:2021-12-15

    One summer, when the green grass was luxuriant and hundreds of flowers were in full bloom, the brother-in-law of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty led his family, relatives and friends to leave the capital. They rode horses and sedan chairs, all the way to the local county government majestic. The county magistrate Yang, who had been in office for more than a year, was panicked and quickly ordered a hospitality. After three days of work in Huatian Jiudi, a few large sedan chairs carried by eight people and a large number of horse teams were prepared. The gongs and drums were loud and the horns were loud. The Yangge team waved the colored silk and opened the way in front of them, and went to Wudalianchi vigorously for sightseeing. They traveled all over the strange mountains, had enough of the Xiushui, and spent ten days of tossing about the scene before heading back to the house. After spending another two days at the county government, I finally set off to return to the capital. At this time, the county magistrate Yang sat down in a chair, "My mother..." exhaled deeply. After drinking a bowl of light tea, he immersed himself at the desk as usual, carefully watching the complaints of the Li people. He got more and more angry as he watched, and a big bump formed on the door of his head. "Nowadays, bandits are rampant, the current situation is uneasy, and the lives of poor people are really miserable.They rely on their power to run down to do their best. In the village of fish and meat, it is hateful! Really fucking not a thing!" He muttered to himself. A fist hit the desk, shaking the pen, inkstone, teapot and tea bowl. The emperor's brother-in-law and them, more than a month after they left, Kangxi visited privately. On this day, they also came to Wudalianchi. Kangxi touched the scene, and remembered a poem by Yu Qian of the Ming Dynasty: "I hope the weather will be good for the people and the people will be happy. He only stopped at the foot of Yaoquan  Volcanoand glanced roughly at the end. A group of five of them, standing on the edge of the river flowing in the  Erlong Lake fountain, watching the farmers and women who are constantly carrying water, laughing and laughing, they all smiled heartily. There was an old man with a white beard, struggling to pick up the water, and happened to walk up to them, put down the water and rest. Kangxi bent down and asked with a smile: "Old man, let me find out, is your place safe and secure? Is the rent collected?" The old man took a look and saw that the visitor looked like a wealthy businessman. He was happy. Said: "You are in business, right? Come to my place. I am much safer than before. It is safe and sound. Last year, I suffered a disaster, and the rents received were not heavy, and some of them were not accepted...This This is all thanks to a good magistrate, Yang magistrate! He is a good parent of my poor..." Kangxi was overjoyed after hearing this. Immediately afterwards, they wandered around several villages. No matter where they went, the common people praised the magistrate Yang's kindness in unison. It seems that this county official Yang has won the hearts of the people, so hurry up and see it. That sounds weird. In fact, Kangxi and his party didn't know at all, Feng Bo had been following them that day, but mortals couldn't see his true appearance. When Bo Feng heard that Kangxi was busy going to see the county official Yang, he was very happy. He fanned down the fan wheel and a strong wind blew. The group of five people just stepped on their saddles, jumped into the air with a violent sound, and flew straight. The county, more than thirty miles away, arrived in the blink of an eye. Kangxi and the others rode on horses and slowly descended from the air to see that they landed steadily in the middle courtyard of the county government. Each of them showed a look of surprise on their faces. The most surprised was a group of people in the county government. They ran around and yelled and broke out. At this time, the county magistrate Yang had just been sitting in the lobby and was preparing to handle the case. He suddenly ran in a few guards and hurriedly reported: "Master County, Master County, Heavenly Soldier Generals are here, hurry, greet them. ......" When the county official Yang heard that he was terrified, he followed him out in a daze. He glanced intently, and the few in front of him were all dressed up as businessmen, but they were extraordinary, with five tall horses tied to the side. He hurriedly greeted, and the entourage behind him all knelt down like him. He said with sincerity and trepidation: "Under the mortal man, kowtow to the heavenly soldier!" Kangxi hurriedly pulled him up, and smiled uncontrollably: "Is it a misunderstanding? We are not a heavenly soldier, but..."" It's a princess from the state capital who came here to supervise official affairs." A big entourage hurriedly interjected. When the county official Yang saw the visitors, he enthusiastically let them into the large living room, and ordered the chef to prepare a table with good wine and food for hospitality. The dishes on the table are just chicken and fish, and the wine you drink is average. Kangxi couldn't bear it, and he said, "Is this kind of wine and food a little pompous? For officials, everything must be frugal. Don't forget that the life of the Li people is not easy, they celebrate every new year. I'm afraid I can't eat this kind of wine and food, right? What do you guys say..." The other four nodded and stared at County Officer Yang together. Single out. It was Kangxi who broke the embarrassing deadlock and said with a smile: "Since you have done it, you can eat it. I advise you to be a parent official, not as an example. Don't forget, no matter when and where, no matter what you do, everything is Be frugal. Keep in mind that the people are suffering, don't be greedy and enjoy, and do your best to be a good official for the people." County official Yang nodded and said: "Well said! That is, that is..." After eating and drinking, start drinking tea . Kangxi asked this question and that, and the county magistrate Yang answered truthfully, feeling very satisfied. Yang County official said: "I follow one principle, as the head of a county, I just need to manage the local stall. What's more, what I eat is not the Yangtze River water—why it is so wide." Kangxi wrinkled as soon as he heard this. He frowned, and squinted his face and said, "That's bad! Everything that is harmful to the people should be taken care of and well." The county magistrate Yang nodded again and again and said, "Well said, well said! Say it! When I got here, I remembered that I felt unhappy about something as an official, and I always felt annoyed. I don't know if I should say..." "Say, say it!" Kangxi said solemnly. The county official Yang contemplated for a while, and started to talk incessantly: "The uncle of the country came here the first few days, and he was very majestic! He ate the delicacies of the mountains and the sea, and drank the golden juice and jade liquid. He used a lot of men and horses and big sedan chairs. , I went to Wudalianchi to enjoy the scenery! The sum of the salary of my four years as an official is not worth his sspring dering this time! I really can’t figure it out, because he is a relative of the emperor, he dare to eat and drink arbitrarily. Having fun, as soon as I left..." I saw Kangxi, gritted his teeth and said: "This thing you said is true?" "It's true, it's not fake at all!" Yang County official replied confidently. Kangxi drooped his head and said nothing for a while. The other four followers looked at each other in silence. Turn around and talk about the brother-in-law of the emperor. After eating breakfast that day, I was so drunk and tossed. "What a magistrate Yang, how dare you give me a melodrama with the cost bill! Dog Dai Chew-Hule. See how I can clean you up!" His front teeth rattled with hatred. Eyeballs thought of the evil ways of the crooked door, secretly hired a group of smart and capable people to secretly monitor the whereabouts of the county magistrate Yang, collect the so-called crimes, and put them to death.
    Speaking of this county official, Yang, who lives in Dongchang, Volcanodong (now Liaocheng), was originally a poor talent, but was elected by an official from the Nanzhou government and was re-elected as the county magistrate for many years. Because he had always been a clean and honest political officer, he was transferred to the north to continue as a county magistrate. The emperor’s brother-in-law worked hard to find out the details, secretly dispatched undercover investigators, and went directly to Dongchang, Volcanodong, to collect the crimes of County Officer Yang. The group also dressed up as merchants and divided into two groups, one to the county official Yang’s hometown, and the other to the county seat of the county. One afternoon, a group of merchants carrying burdens entered the village. It was Feng Bo's method again, and they were amazed, they only felt that the wind was blowing at their feet, and they were walking quickly like a whirlwind into a farmyard's yard. Looking up, the autumn wind screamed at this time, and the rotten grass on the ridge of the thatched house was blowing away, and I saw a gray-haired old man walking out of the house. He asked in astonishment: "Guest, where are you from here? Hurry, come and sit in the house, this wind..." The group dropped their shoulders and hurried into the house. One of the chubby vendors blurted out and asked: "Let me inquire, is there a magistrate in your village?" The white-haired old man said, "Yes, there is wow!" "He is a magistrate." How are you doing? What do the people think of him?" "This county official is not very good, the people say everything..." Another lanky vendor asked urgently, "You can tell me, the people are all right." What's your comment?" The old white-haired man lit his pipe and took a fierce sip, and said: "Speaking of him as a county official, he is a bit careless about his family. Looking at people, he always goes outside to be an official, no matter how big or small he is. They are all well mixed up. But he is getting poorer and poorer. Now his family still lives in the old dilapidated house more than 30 years ago. It is the most dilapidated in the village. It does not cover the wind and rain in summer and the severe cold in winter... "Another middle-slip vendor said impatiently: "Could it be that this county official's house is really so poor? I don't believe it!" "If you don't believe it, you might as well go to another house and ask." The white-haired old man became angry and said again. "Guest, I'm a little puzzled, you are in business, right? Let's not talk about business experience! What is it for?" No one of this group said anything, and suddenly asked dumb. They looked at each other, and the chubby vendor said angrily: "Go! Don't talk nonsense with him, the old guy who is not horizontal!" With a roar, they all jumped out of the house. What a wicked one! When they first left the gate, another whirlwind was blown into the courtyard of Lao Sang’s house in the back of the village. Through the broken window with paper, Lao Sang's mother-in-law and daughter-in-law walked out when they saw someone coming. They all stammered and asked: "Guest, you guys, what are you going to do?!" "Inquire about something. , Do you know?!" The chubby vendor exclaimed. "What's the matter? It's windy outside, come in and talk..." the wife said, making her mother-in-law tremble with fright, they dropped their shoulders again and got into the house. The chubby vendor tried his best to be patient and asked, "How is the magistrate in your village? We are distant relatives of his family. We have lost money in trading and want to find him to help." He echoed: "Yes, yes." After hearing this, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law immediately dispelled their doubts, and the daughter-in-law said: "Ah, the county official's family is not as good as my family. People's reputation is better than my family's, but I don't know him. The family is too poor..." The mother-in-law continued: "This is not a lie. I am also wondering that being a county magistrate is so poor that sometimes he has a meal at home but not a meal. The magistrate has only returned home for several years. Come, visit the folks in the village first, and give away the money and everything to the poorest family, but his daughter still wears grandma's shoes—the same way he lives in his own family.” The guys shook their heads when they heard it. . The daughter-in-law said again, "He is a good county official. No matter where he is an official, the local people welcome him, but the bad guys are afraid of him!" "If you don't believe me, you can ask about him from house to house. He has an exclusive surname and no relatives." Continued. The guys ran out in disappointment. In the village, there were several more in succession, and they all praised the county officials for being good and poor. The Pangdun vendor waved his hand and exclaimed: "Go! Check out his house." After being directed by others, they came to the gate of the county official. Take a closer look, hey! I saw a group of people rushing up and down, passing stones and bricks to crush the rotten grass on the ridge of the roof. The tall and thin vendor whispered to the fat vendor, "It really is the worst house in the village! Hey, isn't this the home of the first white-haired old man we have seen?!" "Not bad, this is the magistrate. Home? A ghost would believe it if you didn't see it with your own eyes!" The fat vendor grinned. Talking about the situation of the guys going to the county. I don’t know why they are doing it. They are all like lunatics. Seeing people catching them and asking for endless inquiries, the noise made the street marketers trample everywhere, as if they had met. Plague god, hide far away. I saw two people dressed up as merchants grabbing a middle-aged man with an open chest and a dry and dry man. He yelled in a loud voice: "I am the younger brother of the county official Yang, and the county official Yang is my eldest brother. Mother, Mother! Come on..." There was a gray-haired old lady who walked up to the front and whispered and said, "Guest officer, guest officer, he is the second child of my family, the demon is stunned. , Let him go! What can you tell me..." A vendor looked at her up and down and asked: "What is your surname? Do you recognize Yang County official?" "My, my surname is Yang, Yang County official? It's my eldest son!" Another vendor sneered: "I think you are also a devil, right?! Net nonsense!" "I'm not blind at all, I really am the magistrate Yang's mother. If you don't believe me, ask the big guy! "The onlookers testified in a rush:" Aunt Yang told the truth. Regardless of her old age, she is not idle at all. There is no black and white making cloth shoes all year round. Sell them in the market to earn some money to make up for the living expenses." "This is obvious. Look at the pile of shoes on the stall that belongs to Grandma Yang." "Her old man has suffered and suffered a lifetime of poverty. County Officer Yang’s light!” As he said, a fifty-year-old peasant woman squeezed in from the crowd. She was wearing a patchwork dress. She was thin but very energetic, and her big eyes were dark and bright. . At a glance, he is a good hand who can eat hard and manage his home. She opened her mouth and said, "What's the matter with the guest officer, just tell me. The second silly brother, mother, go and guard the shoe stand." At this time, two other vendors crowded aggressively. The peasant woman scanned them and introduced herself: "I am the magistrate of Yang County. Apart from farming and doing housework, I come to the market when I have time to sell vegetables and so on. It's not enough to rely on the master to spend my life outside. , There is not much left for him to eat and wear, not enough for his father to take medicine. I know that the master is a decent official and he is not greedy or bribed..." Before she could finish her words, everyone present yelled: "It's true! I served as an official in my local area for more than a year last year, and the people know in their hearts that they are really good parents!" "A good parent official, a good parent official," everyone said together. This group of merchants became more and more popular when they heard it, and shouted: "Fuck away! Get out..." The crowd disappeared silently, staring at them with dumb eyebrows, and all of them left. Besides, Kangxi has always been unable to sleep at night in recent days, as if something had happened, which disturbed his heart. At midnight last night, someone else fell asleep and suddenly had a dream and was awakened. The scene in the dream is like this: Kangxi stands on the endless sea, admiring the scenery of water and sky. A gust of wind suddenly blew him into the sky, and landed on a brilliant colorful cloud. Just as he was puzzled and panicked, an old man holding a wind wheel appeared in front of him. Xianfeng Dao had an extraordinary appearance. He laughed and said: "You are here just right, please don't be afraid. I am Feng Bo. Telling the matter: real gold is not afraid of fire, so why are upright officials afraid of spying? The wind is out of my hand, the facts are better than eloquence! Do you understand? He tried hard to figure it out until dawn, but still didn't figure it out.
    As soon as he was about to go to the morning court, a minister came to report that the uncle's secret inspector came back and found nothing, and was scolded. They also said that there was a "weird" and sent them directly to the magistrate Yang's home. Wherever they went, the common people praised the magistrate Yang's benefits in unison. It can be described as a clean breeze of integrity and service! After hearing this, Kangxi flicked his long sleeves and said happily: "I understand, I understand, I understand the situation!" One day at the end of autumn, the county magistrate Yang just came out of the lobby, and a group of people rushed into the county mansion. It was the imperial officer in the capital who secretly surprised him and said to himself: "There must be something big! What's the matter?!" Hearing that the emperor's decree had arrived, he hurriedly knelt on the ground and listened respectfully. The content of the imperial edict is to reward the county magistrate Yang and promote him to governor. Yang County official shouted Long live, his eyes were full of tears, and the tears flowed into his mouth. He savored carefully and tasted...
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