Fish with Scales Upside DownRelease date:2021-12-15

    South Gelaqiu volcano, a scenic spot in Wudalianchi Global Geopark, has a lake at the crater of the eruption, called Tianchi. There is a special kind of fish produced here, with scales growing upside down. Are you weird? There is a legendary mythical story when it comes to the origin of the inverted fish. More than two hundred years ago, Wudalianchi was a vast ocean called Beihai. There are many varieties of animals and plants in the sea, and they grow luxuriantly; the carp dominates the world's fish in the sea, and the carp is the king of the sea. The leader is a carp spirit, very good, called Liang. In order to consolidate its dominance, it is good at uniting all kinds of animals and plants, and sent a confidant silver carp to do this work, imitating Confucius in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, came to travel the entire Beihai, preaching the benefits of forming an alliance and building a homeland (Reason), but before thinking about it, the silver carp was hit mercilessly and almost lost his life. One day, Carp Fine held an internal meeting. It gave a detailed introduction to all aspects of the sea, solicited opinions from the big guys, and made suggestions on how to unite the various tribes of the animals and plants in the sea to live together in peace and build a beautiful The big family! Catfish A first spoke: "In my opinion, it's really not easy to fiddle with in all aspects. You can only achieve your goal with the strategy of transplanting flowers and trees'." Carp B then said: "Miao Zai Miao Zai, I agree with a hundred. !" Silver carp C reminded: "A plan is a good plan, a carpenter who has no eyes — it is a waste of effort!" Further down, other fish also made a lot of good tricks. He listened and thought about it. Anxi: The big guy said it well, Huo Di stood up all of a sudden and shouted: "The married girl-has a master!" Who is the master? The Lord is a sharp-billed silver carp nicknamed "Zhuge Liang". It is resourceful and very scheming. It happened that it was not present at today's internal meeting, and went home in a hurry for the funeral of his mother last night. It came back three days later. Carp Jingliang specially talked to it. "Zhuge Liang" listened silently and nodded and said: "I'll take such a heavy burden. Okay! Please don't worry, King Liang, I will save my life. Do your best to do the work of persuading the leaders of the tribes. You, wait for the good news." With tears in his eyes, King Liang nodded, "Because I am very fond of you, so I hand over this heavy burden to you. It’s just you. It’s just that you must have gone through hardships, dangers and difficulties this time, but you’re suffering!” After that, he cried out loudly, making "Zhuge Liang" feel so touched by his heart! It took the "Persuasion Letter" in King Liang's hand, made a beating, then turned around and swam away quickly, and King Liang shouted loudly: "Oh, don't hurry up! The see-off wine has already been prepared. Okay, I haven't drunk it yet. I didn't expect that this "Zhuge Liang" jumped out of Beihai and turned into a small house sparrow again. A wing flew back to his father's little blisters in Yinlong River. His father asked in surprise: " what's wrong? What are you doing back again? "Zhuge Liang" said bluntly: "Ask my father about the situation, and tell me everything you know. "Say it, what's the matter?" ""The tempers and preferences of the leaders of the various tribes in the North Sea, as well as their respective skills, etc., father you know. Here are two or two cotton and four bows-talk in detail (playing), I am anxiously waiting for useful items! "What’s the use? After you say it, I heard it, it’s not too late!" "That’s it..." "Zhuge Liang" said so and so. The father pondered for a while, and smiled: "Zhongzhongzhong, your kid is really a little scornful! Well, I'll tell you..." After hearing his father's familiar introduction, "Zhuge Liang" immediately got up. Farewell and fly back to Beihai. Start visiting the work of each tribe one by one! Besides, the catfish, one of the tribes in the North Sea, is the leader. On this day, he is hosting his own birthday party at home, and the leaders of other tribes are here. Judging from the scene, they laughed and sang while chatting. The atmosphere was extremely warm. They were all drunk, lying on the table and chairs, and snoring passed. When I wake up, it's dark and light. At this time, the catfish leader greeted the big guy to drink tea, and started drinking tea in a daze. "Does it taste good? How does this tea look?" The catfish leader asked with a smile. "Yes, not bad, this tea tastes so good, it's caught up with the golden juice and jade juice that the Jade Emperor drank!" The turtle leader deliberately blew, making the big guy laugh, and the tea drunk from his nostrils. Squirting out of it! After the laughter, the catfish chief said with a stern face: "It's a rare opportunity for the big guys to get together today. Let's talk about it. Have you heard anything from the outside world recently? Especially the good carp. Movement..." This sentence diverted everyone's words, and the big guy rushed to speak. "I've heard it a long time ago. That Liang Dawang who is king of the sea has no small ambitions. He is trying to occupy the entire North Sea! Right now he is planning to devour the leaders of each tribe one by one and follow it. If there is such a day, My buddy is miserable, waiting to suffer. What glory and wealth, carefree, all the fucking fun, can't enjoy it!" The turtle head stared at the sneaky little mung bean eye spookyly, making a fool of it. After hearing this, the big guy took a deep breath, showing a state of horror, and shouted in unison: "How is it good? How is it good! Please think of a trick on the catfish leader!" For a while, the catfish leader was also affected by this. The sudden news was shocked, and I couldn't think of a panacea to deal with this difficult and chronic disease. After pondering for a while, it had no choice but to say: "Please remember this sentence, the big guys, even though they are talking so much, we have certain rules in our hearts; that is, we would rather die than follow!" The head of the crucian carp said in a panic. , It’s better to die than to live. I won’t do that stupid thing. Then...” “It’s really great then, we big guys will get together and think about strategies to deal with it. There must be a way for the car to reach the volcano, you say Right!" The tortoise leader interrupted, blinking, the little mung bean eyes looked around, staring at the catfish leader. The catfish leader waved his hand and said, "It's right, adapt to the circumstances, it's Sun Monkey's words, there is no flame volcano that can't be passed!" At the moment, you said a word and said many countermeasures, all aimed at King Liang. . On this day, "Zhuge Liang" first came to the front door of the catfish leader and explained the reason to the guard who was behind the door. The guard hurried into the living room to report. After waiting for a long time, but the guard did not come out, "Zhuge Liang" became impatient and rushed in by himself. At this time, the catfish chief was sitting on the chair of the grandmaster with his face full of unhappiness. The guard hurried forward and pushed "Zhuge Liang", pushing it out. "Slow! Since it's here, please tell me something!" The catfish leader waved his hand and said. "Zhuge Liang" respectfully said, "Please read this letter first." The catfish leader took a look, and immediately became angry: "It's simply outrageous! What kind of'persuasion book' In the past few years, it has been very good at carp. It's not bad, I really have an appetite, trying to swallow all of our small sites. This, this, this, it is simply standing against the wall-despicable (back bi) shameless (tooth)!" "Zhuge Liang" hurriedly explained. "My lord, you misunderstood! My lord meant to unite the entire Beihai tribe and build a beautiful big family. In this way, there is no fighting and fighting, avoiding mutual killings, and coexisting peacefully; I think. Do everything in one place, so don’t worry about life being unsatisfactory..." "Shut down your cleverly talkative stinky mouth, hurry, hurry up and blast it out!" The catfish head shivered with anger, arrogantly. Joe shouted. A gang of shrimp soldiers and crabs came out of Meng Guding, they all rushed to "Zhuge Liang" in a swarm, and directed at its face, "Bah Bah Bah", spitting continuously, pushing and pushing "Zhu Ge Liang" in a hurry. Pushing out the gate, a somersault fell to the ground. With a big knife in his hand, the guard threatened: "Get off! You get far away, and you won't be allowed to go to the door in the future!" , Smiled slightly and left without saying a word. When it swims halfway, Meng Guding thought: something bad! I forgot to return the "Persuasion Letter". This time I can catch the blind. Without this beating guy to prove it, I will negotiate with other tribe leaders for what I am going to do! Just when it was so anxious that there was nothing to do, it saw sheets of white paper floating oncoming, which were similar in size to the "Persuasion Letter". It has swift hands and quick eyes, grabbing a piece of it desperately. Take a closer look, hi! It is a "Persuasion Book", Zhang Zhang is like this, it is exactly the same as the one written by my lord before, and it is exactly the same as "Zhu Ge Liang". It thought: "This must have been sent by my lord after he learned about my situation and used the magical method to sketch and sketch. Great! It saves me going back and forth to fetch time. I have to hurry up and visit again. Do persuasive work." It shook its head, raised its head, and swam forward quickly. Early the next morning, the catfish leader hurriedly came to the turtle leader's house. As soon as I met, I asked: "A good lobbyist with carp, have you been here?" "I was there yesterday afternoon, and I was eaten away by a wooden stick by my colleagues." "Hey, it was yesterday's first afternoon." Come to me. It seems that the old man said that the matter of Liangda Wangcheng occupying the entire Beihai is absolutely true. According to my inference, the lobbyist must be lobbying everywhere. I don't know how the other brothers are doing?" What? You want to be as resolute as my name, even though it’s glib and tongue-in-cheek, don’t listen to it! Tell it to fall into a bamboo basket to draw water---all-out!" "I hope so!" When it came to this point, the head of the carp came, along with the leader of the toad and the leader of the clam. After a while of greetings, they all let go of the chatter box. The topic is how they drove away the lobbyist. It is worthy of it. The master's faithful pug. In order to realize its master's intention, you have to spare it, and you can do whatever you tell it to do. Tell it to bark like a dog, hey! Barking screaming really... the big guy burst into laughter when he heard this.
    The leader of Toad continued: "I don't say anything at all, it's true. The lobbyist arrives at me, and I said, if you crawl under my pants, I will listen to you. Guess what. Huh? It really crawled over! Hahaha..." Said the carp is excellent. It has been seven or eight days since "Zhuge Liang" left, and it is always a matter to worry about it, and I feel uneasy. It had a dream in the middle of the night last night. It dreamed that "Zhuge Liang" was caught by various animal and plant leaders, and he was beaten to death with messy sticks alive. The miserable howling sound shocked his heartbeat, and he was born in a cold sweat from head to toe. , Ye Di can't sleep anymore. After the meal was eaten at dawn, the Carp Fine immediately dispatched a row of savvy and capable soldiers to search for "Zhuge Liang" in four ways, and once they found Ma, they slipped back. Just as the soldier was about to get ready to go, Meng Guding's catfish leader led the other leaders (except the turtle leader did not come), and came running out of breath. The guards brought them into the hall. When meeting with Carp Jingliang, they all bowed in unison, and pleaded in unison: "We are guilty, please forgive me, King Liang!" "Get up, hurry up, why are you guilty?!" Carp Jingliang stared at a pair. Asked with big bulging eyes, covering his head. Pulling them, no one gets up, and they knelt on the ground without moving. The head of the catfish said in tears: "We... are really sorry for the bitterness of the silver carp's lobbyist! We also deliberately made problems to embarrass it, caused it to suffer a lot of suffering and suffered a lot of sins; it caused a lifetime. Hurt!" Quickly talk about it, what the hell is going on? !" Carp Sophisticated showed surprise and eagerly asked. The catfish leader 151 told the situation of hurting the silver carp "talker": it said that the silver carp "talker" came to persuade three times in a row. The leaders of the tribes were all rushed out by them. Unexpectedly, the "lobbyist" was not discouraged at all. Enduring the humiliation and great humiliation, they still went forward bravely; they came on the door again stubbornly and unyieldingly. They gathered together several leaders. In total, there is a loss trick: if you can grow your own fish scales upside down, they will obey the "lobbyist" and form a willing alliance. The "lobbyist" replied very quickly: "Well, that's it! "At the moment, the two parties signed the agreement, pressed their handprints, and each took a copy. The Lobbyist left quickly. They ridiculed secretly: "This is something that can't be done at all! The gangster sells plasters-just play around.'Lobbyists' will definitely lose. Guess what?! Three days later,'Lobbyists' really I came back (just yesterday), as expected, the scales on its body are all upside down!" The leaders of the tribes looked stupid with straight eyebrows and stunned eyes! "Lobbyists" won, they had to admit defeat. "Lobbyists" said to them cheerfully: "Let me tell the truth, now that my fish scales grow upside down, I have experienced a physical painful torture. I lost my life after nine deaths and lost five hundred years of life, children and grandchildren. It’s not vigorous.... I don’t care about it! I want to fight for you to form an alliance with King Liang. I think it’s worth it! Even if I die, I don’t regret it!" They were so moved when they heard these words (except the tortoise The leader didn't come), apologize to the King Carp! Willing to form an alliance. After listening to this story, the carp excellent, sad and happy in his heart, the sad thing is that "Zhuge Liang" devoted himself to the unification of the entire Beihai, and died after death; it suffered a great deal and suffered a great sin, and its spirit of sacrifice is singular! I am glad that the leaders of the various tribes personally came to surrender and form an alliance, and realized my long-awaited greatest wish! Just because "Zhuge Liang" was not present, the boss in Carp's good heart was unhappy. It said to the leaders: "I am grateful for your willingness to form an alliance. I would like to express my gratitude to you! We will set up a banquet later and invite the big guys to have a good meal and drink. We will come back later when we hear the notice. Let's be together grandly. Let’s celebrate!" The elite soldiers sent out to find "Zhuge Liang" all came back one after another. They searched all corners of the North Sea and found nothing and disappeared. Just as the big guy was talking about it and guessing, suddenly, Zhuge Liang walked into the hall with three shakes. The big guy was surprised and jumped up. Carp Jingliang clasped the hands of Zhuge Liang tightly, filled his eyes with flowing flowers, and said, "You have a meritorious minister, you can come back!" Zhuge Liang murmured: "Great King, I, I will follow your will. It's done..." As soon as he finished speaking, he passed out into a coma. The big guy panicked, looking at its exhausted look, so tired that there was no bones and bones, and he was really sad, and he shed tears. Especially when I saw the inverted scales all over its body, which were jagged and still bleeding, it was even more painful. It took more than half an hour before Zhuge Liang woke up and talked about his own adventures in persuasion work. "I, I went to each leader's house three times in a row, and some have been four times. Each time I was rewarded with saliva stars and clubs, so I don't need to go into details. The'Persuasion Letter' given by King Liang has been lost. Immediately there were dozens of 'Persuasion Letters', which I thought were sent by King Liang. Later, when I met the night travel god, it turned out to be written by Lu Dongbin among the Eight Immortals, and the gods helped me! That last time (fourth time) Right), the leaders of the tribes unified and proposed an unexpected condition. If I can grow the scales upside down, I agree to form an alliance (this is the idea of the turtle head, and it was also told to me by the night cruiser). I did it, you see, The scales on my body are all upside-down, and none of them are the original ones." The big guy stared at the upside-down scales again, as if they were solidified by pieces of blood. It’s really horrible. He drooped his head and cried loudly. "Why are you crying?! I am back with surprise and safety, so I should be happy..." "Zhuge Liang" said with a little bit of crying. Immediately afterwards, it briefly introduced the process of changing the inverted fish fillets: after the two parties signed the agreement that day, they left in a hurry. As it swims, it thinks: This matter is not trivial. Ask the gods for help. I don’t know who to find out. It's really Qiao'er to beat her mother-Qiaoji (anxious), I ran into Yeyoushen head-on, and was taking a shower in a hurry! Stretching out his hands, blocking the path of "Zhuge Liang", smiled and said: "My brother, go slowly, please ask me if you have anything to do. Maybe I can help!" "Zhuge Liang" took a closer look and said quickly and thoughtfully:" The gods are here, I should be blessed. Can you make my fish scales grow upside down?" "I can't do it with the night wandering god, but I can ask Yama to do it for you!" "Well then! Just please You're worrying about it, and I'll thank you after it's done." "Follow me and see King Yama!" Yeyoushen took the lead, and "Zhuge Liang" followed closely and swam out of Beihai together. Seeing King Yama, Yeyoushen chatted with him, and he promised to do the right thing. He turned his face and said to "Zhuge Liang", "Are you afraid of death? If you dare to die, this can be done." "Zhuge Liang "Pat the chest and said: "Be loyal to the Lord, die without regrets! I will say first, after turning into inverted scales, if I can't survive, please take me back to Beihai and let them see with their own eyes (referring to the leaders of the tribes). ), the promise is honored!" It handed the promise to King Yama. The Yama King snapped open, like a jumping tiger, with a finger on the door of "Zhuge Liang", it immediately closed its eyes and stood still. King Yama smiled at Yeyoushen and said: "It, the soul at this time, called the prince of chasing soul, was hooked away, and only the body was left in this lump." After more than two hours, the soul of "Zhuge Liang" was returned. Body, opened his eyes, and sighed: "My mother!" I lowered my head, and there was red blood everywhere. When I looked at my body, the scales really grew upside down, but it was so happy that I jumped. Lao Gao. "I, I went to the eighteenth-tier hell of the Yin Cao Hell." "Zhuge Liang" continued, "The lieutenant of the soul chaser leads the way, urges the judge to push behind him, and visits layer by layer, all over the place. Sprites, gods and demons, evil spirits, scared to death! When I came to the last layer of "Bronze of Guan Shen Dian", I was suddenly thrown into the melting furnace, and I felt like I had a nightmare. I woke up, opened my eyes and took a look, and I realized that Yeyou God and Yama King were still by my side. Yeyou God yelled ecstatically: "I will die! You won" "Isn't it, we really won!" "After the fight, Carp Elite held a grand celebration meeting. All the animals and plants in the North Sea attended this event, but they did not see the tortoises. Under the leadership of their own leaders, they had already escaped and rushed to others. In the Haihe River. It is still the truth revealed by the Night Cruiser: the turtle leader who was able to figure out the excellent alliance plan of the carp was passed on to the master by the little tortoise (the bastard) beside the carp. Undermining the smooth progress of the alliance, the result is: the monk eats meat-ruining his family. Until today, in Wudalianchi, there is no tortoise bastard at all. I don’t have a face. I don’t know how many times of ups and downs have gone through. Recently, more than 280 years ago, due to the eruption of a volcano, fourteen famous volcanoes were formed. The North Sea has also become the current Wudalianchi, which is occasionally seen in Chili. Scattered fishes. The fishes in the "Tianchi" of South Geluqiu Volcano, maybe they flew there to settle down by the opportunity of cloud and rain.
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