Present State of Conservation of Driblet Cones (Dishes)Release date:2020-10-21

On the north border of new lava plateau, betweenthe Third Lake and the Fifth Lake, there are morethan 1,500 driblet cones and dishes. Most of thesecones and dishes lie deep inside the aa lava field,and as such are well preserved, remaining in theiroriginal state. Based on their conservation status,they are classified into three categories: wellprotected, relatively well protected, and averagelyprotected. Now 91% of them have a well protected or relatively well protectedstatus, with only very few of them being averagelyprotected.

Currently, almost all of driblet cones and dishesremain inaccessible and protected from tourists.Those cones and dishes which may be viewed bytourists are all confined in a limited area on theborder of the lava plateau. In order to preventtourists from climbing and trampling on these raregeological features, walkways and viewing areashave been built across the surface of the aa lava,with signs and warning plates located strategicallyalong the route. Cones and dishes, if outstandinglybeautiful and close to walkways, are additionallyprotected by fences.


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