Present State of Conservation of Lava CavesRelease date:2020-10-21

At present, 4 lava caves have been found, namely the Crystal Palace Cave, Bailong Cave, Fairy Palace Cave and Waterfall PalaceCave. They are all in their original state andare free from irreversible human disturbance.Because the basalt wall and ceiling rock of thecaves is intensively fractured, and is subject toattack by such processes as freeze-thaw, ice-wedging, and gravity collapse, there is somerisk of dislodgement, and/or collapse, of parts ofwalls and ceilings. The Management Committeeof Wudalianchi has provided some physicalmeasures to stabilizes potentially dangerous areasin some of the caves, and it has established asystems for monitoring the stability of walls andceilings. Furthermore, to prevent negative impactsof long-term exposure to light, voice-activatedlights have been installed.


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