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Family Study Summer Camps

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The volcanoes that can talk, the springs that can sing, the old man that can tell story, the foreign friends that can dance…… in this Family Study Summer Camp, Wudalianchi say hello to the students and their parents, as a teacher, to start a“summer class on the way”.

Zhang Zhimo, a student from Beijing, said,”This is a great summer without cram school classes. My parents take me in the nature. In this process, I turn the knowledge in the book into true living experiences. I also make many good friends. It’s so meaningful. I will come to Wudalianchi next time.”

The parents also feel it’s important and meaningful. Zheng Fei from Guangzhou said, “We are very busy at ordinary times. We had few opportunities to play and talk with my child. However, these five days made us feel closer. More important is that, to make the teenagers learn knowledge in the process of discovery the mysterious world is the ‘wisdom’ educational philosophy in new era”.

In this summer camp, the special tourism resources of Wudalianchi, especially volcanic resources and minority nationality resources were promoted in the themed activity of “I am a volcano adventurer”.  The students learned a lot of knowledge on nature, geography, history, culture, politics, language, etc.

Sun ying, expert on tourism products of Aoyou Net of China Youth Travel Service said. “this summer camp held at Wudalianchi is totally different with other summer camps. The volcanic characteristics are such important knowledge for the students, who can’t learn at school.”