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Beauty of Geology on Earth

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1.Geological age and biological development

The so-called geological age, refers to a variety of geological events on the earth's era. It contains the meaning of two aspects: one is refers to the sequence of the afternoon the geological events, referred to as relative geological time; the second is that the geological events ages ago, due mainly to the use of isotope technology, said for the isotope geological age (absolute geologic age). These two aspects are combined to form a complete understanding of the geological events and the age of the earth and crust evolution.

2.Rock classification

The first major categories: magmatic rocks (igneous rock, Rock Igneous) - magma near the ground or surface cooling solidification formation

Second major categories: metamorphic rocks rocks metamorphic

Is the solid rock, below the surface of the earth is heating and pressurizing a bit (not full out, the re condensed the igneous rocks) occurred in the physical and chemical changes of recycled re created.

Magmatic rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks can be converted into metamorphic rocks.

Third major categories: sedimentary rock

Rock mass after weathering of the sediment together, some in the water to dissolve some of the crystallization, under pressure, "long" to the.

3.Fold extraordinary as if done by the spirits of nature

Mountains of rock from small to most of the ups and downs of the wrinkles, the small scale to a microscope to the mountain, everywhere is the fold, form is varied, the complexity and diversity, bird's eye view of the rolling, side view of the towering peaks, different levels, from a distance, near, high and low at, fold mountains has different appearance, showing "Wang Ling side peaks as, near and far different level of" scene.

The fold is the most common geological structure in the earth's crust, in stratified rock was the most significant. Wrinkles are the rock plastic deformation results, the original straight level stress extrusion occurred under bending and torsion in, form a zigzag fold. The earth's crust in the horizontal direction of the strong relationship, shortening rate even reaches percent hundreds. It turned out that the mountain is caused by the formation of the fold, the so-called mountain building movement is just the occurrence of strong crustal rock fold, fold to a certain extent and had to occur.