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Longmen Stone Village (Block Lava Flow) Scenic Area

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  The Longmen Stone Village (Block Lava Flow) Scenic Area to the southwest of East Longmen Mountain is a breathtaking volcanic site. Main attractions here are “toppled stone stockades” and “stone ponds” created by deposits of eruption block lava from East Longmen Mountain and West Longmen Mountain. Named “Longmen Stone Village” by the locals, this scenic area features 54 geosites, including must-sees like Roaring Stone Waves and Convoluted Old Larch.

  Volcanic geo-relics in Longmen Stone Village are typical of geological times between 28,000 and 34,000 years ago. A rich showcase of block lava formed during the lava flowing process, this scenic area is the habitat of 1,000 plant species.

  This is the place where you can experience and uncover the secrets behind China’s most awe-inspiring block lava landscapes. Appreciate and stand witness to the wealth of ecology brought to life by volcanic activities; marvel at the tenacious vitality of plants.

  Longmen Stone Village attests to post-eruption revival and evolution. In this beautiful symphony of rock and life, you can indulge in the pleasure of leisure travel, with a range of geo-tour facilities at your disposal.