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Yaoquan Lake

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  Yaoquan is a barrier lake formed by volcanic lava from Laohei Mountain. It is 300 metres across from east to west and 900 metres from north to south. Water depth is 2-4 metres. Spring water with CO2 gas gushes out from several openings on the lake bed. At the same time, the lake is infused with silicic acid mineral water from Erlongyan Spring; thus the name Yaoquan Lake (meaning “medicine spring”).

  At dawn, the rippling lake shimmers in the morning sun, dressing the land with a dash of gold.

  Willows on the banks sway gently in the breeze; birds offer their sweet songs; cranes delight you with vibrant dance. In this beautiful arcadia, fish dash and jump with great vitality; the lyrical Lakeside Pavilion and Mid-Lake Pavilion beckon.

  Visitors can have fun in the Lake and Spring Park, take a ride on electromagnetic boats and sampans, or take a dip in the swimming compound on the west side of the lake. Lakeside anglers are common here; they share this tranquil habitat with the globally rare butterfly Parnassius Apollo. Mineral spring rice flourishes on the banks of Yaoquan Lake. In the water, mineral spring fish thrive. Yaoquan Waterfall at the lake outlet is a magnificent cascade. The roaring hot torrent continues to flow even when the temperature drops to -30C. Such an alpine waterfall is globally rare.

  In short, Yaoquan Lake is a destination integrating leisure, geological exploration and entertainment.