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How are hornitos formed?

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  The Wudalianchi Global Geopark hornito (lava jet plate) groups are distributed in Fanhua Surging Stone Sea, a landform created by lava from Laohei Mountain and Huoshao Mountain. Inside the park, a total of 1,543 hornitos await your discovery (Similar features are found only occasionally in Aershan, Inner Mongolian, and Jeju, South Korea). Numerous, diverse in shape and type, well-preserved and intact, they are globally rare geological wonders.

  When lava flow oozing out from the volcanic crater passes moist waterlogged ground surface (small puddles or frozen ditches), hot lava and cold water produce small punctuate distributions of hot vapour upon contact.

  The volcano effuses and extrudes hot steam and small pancake lava intermittently. These materials settle around small vents.

  Eventually hollow cones with stacked up pancake lava walls appear.