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The following scenic areas are the focus of tourism development:

1. Laohei Volcano Area;

    It comprises of Laohei Volcano and  Huoshao Volcano; 

2. Yaoquan Volcano Area;

   It includes South Spring, North Spring, Erlongyan Spring (two dragons' eyes spring), Rolling Spring, and Yaoquan Volcano, etc.

3.The Volcanic Barrier Lake Area:

    It consists of the First Lake, the Second Lake, the Third Lake, the Fourth Lake and the Fifth Lake.

4. Lava Tunnel Area;

    It comprises of Crystal Cave and White Dragon Cave.

5. Wenpo Lake Area,

     It consists of Jingpo Lake, Bipo Lake, Lipo Lake and the landscape sightseeing touring route along the Shilong River as well as the landscape of lava plateaus in the vicinity area.

6. Longmen Stone Village (Blocky Lava Flow) Area;

7. Wohu Volcano Area;

8. Gelaqiu-Tianchi Lake Area;

    It contains South Gelaqiu Volcano, North Gelaqiu Volcano, and Bijia Volcano, etc.