Geosite Conservation地质保育

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Volcanic cones, craters,landforms,driblet cones and dishes, lava tunnel, volcanic barrier lakes and mineral springs are protected.

The conservation status of volcanic cones, craters and landforms

Volcanic cones, craters and landforms are well preserved. 14 volcanoes are in original appearances.

The conservation status of driblet cones and dishes

There are over 1500 driblet cones and dishes scattered on the edge of Shilong lava plateau between the Third Lake and the Fifth Lake. Most of Hornitos are scattered in the depths of aa lava and kept in primitive status.

The conservation status of lava tunnels

There are 4 lava tunnels in the Geopark, Crystal Cave, White Dragon Cave, Fairy Cave and Shuilian Cave.They are in the natural status.Monitoring system was set up to monitor the stability of volcanic rocks in the caves.Voice-control lights were installed to decrease the negative effects on the lava cave

The conservation status of volcanic barrier lakes

There are 8 volcanic barrier lakes in the Geopark, the First Lake, the Second Lake, the Third Lake, the Fourth Lake, the Fifth lake, Yaoquan Lake, South Crescent Pond and North Crescent Pond. 

The Administration Committee started on the farmland converting into the wetland and controlled the fishery strictly in the barrier lakes.

The conservation status of mineral springs

Mineral springs are in good status. Exploitation quantity are controlled strictly. The construction is prohibited around the belt of mineral springs. Protective fences are built in the North Spring, South Spring, Spring Bath and Fanhua Spring.