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From more than 2 million years before prehistory to today's 280 years ago, 14 volcanos had erupted in the Wudalianchi Global Geopark, which led to appearance of world rare high-quality cold mineral spring. The earliest history can be traced back to ancient Sushen people and Nomads entered this area for hunting. They often went to the South Spring, east side of Yaoquan Volcano, to drink the spring water to take away their illnesses and prolong their life. After that, minor Han people migrated to this area for farming and raised the population of Wudalianchi area.

  In 1945, during the reign of the puppet government of Japan, Japanese established development team in order to plunder the agriculture and migrated large numbers of Han Chinese farmers. Much land was reclaimed. Population raised up, and new villages appeared in Wudalianchi.

  During Anti-Japanese War, Chen Lei, Governor of Heilongjiang Province, led the third detachment of anti-Japanese united army to fierce battle with Japanese army here.

  During a period of the time after New China was founded in 1949, many farms and large area was reclaimed in Wudalianchi. 

  Since 1949, geologists have continuously come to investigate this area and have done large quantity of geological research work.

  From 1974 to 1978, large scale survey was conducted to have systematic investigation and research on volcanic geology, geomorphology, hydrogeology and mineral water in Wudalianchi. A lot of drilling work was done as well. A 1:200,000 geomap was completed and the 1:50,000 geomaps, hydro geomaps, topography maps and survey reports were prepared.

  In 1961, the first sanatorium was built up, and had grown to more than 20 by 1975.

  In April 1975, the original Qingquan brigade was established into Wudalianchi Administration District.

  In 1976, the Wudalianchi Administration District was canceled and the Town of Wudalianchi was established.

  In February 1979, Provincial government established a Wudalianchi exploitation leading group with an administration deputy office under its leadership (regiment level units of a county) 

  In 1980, Wudalianchi was approved as Nature Reserve of Heilongjiang Province by the Heilongjiang Provincial Government.

  In February 1981, Administration Deputy Office of Wudalianchi was changed into Administration Bureau of Wudalianchi, and was under the same roof with the town of Wudalianchi.

  In 1982, Wudalianchi was approved by the State Council as one of the first batch of the 44 national key scenic areas.

  In October 1983, Wudalianchi City was established.

  On July 2nd, 1986, the second session of the geological nature reserve zone division and scientific investigation work conference was held in Wudalianchi. Professors, experts, scholars, journalists and publishing professionals from geological and environmental protection departments of some provinces, the State Science and Technology Commission, the State Environmental Protection Administration, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, and Beijing University attended this meeting.

  In 1991, Wudalianchi was elected as one of the forty best tourism attractions.

  In May 1996, Dedu County was canceled and incorporated into Wudalianchi City. Its municipal site was set in Qingshan town. On the original municipal site, newly established provincial Administrative Bureau of Wudalianchi Scenic Area and Wudalianchi town were both under the same roof.

  In June 1996, Wudalianchi was named as "Hometown of Mineral Water".by State Department of Agriculture and Forestry specialty center. 

  In August 1996, the 30th International Geology Congress was held in Beijing, and Wudalianchi was listed as the first expedition route. 16 geology experts from 7 countries had their field excursion in Wudalianchi. 

  On Nov.29th, 1996, the State Council approved Wudalianchi to be national natural protection zone of volcanic geoheritage (National Letter File [1996] No. 113). 

  In April 1998, Provincial Government Establishment Committee of Heilongjiang Province (Heilongjiang Establishment Committee Letter File [1998] No.117 ) agreed to add the board of Wudalianchi National Nature Reserve Administration Bureau up to the Administration Bureau of Wudalianchi Scenic Area.

  In February 1999, Wudalianchi was listed as one of the 22 application candidates of World Natural Heritage by the Ministry of Construction of China.

  In November 2000, Administration Committee of Wudalianchi Nature Reserve of Heilongjiang Province was established.

  In March 2001, leading group of the State Geopark and Accreditation Committee approved the National Geopark of Wudalianchi. 

  In July 2003, UNESCO approved Wudalianchi as the World Biosphere Reserve. 

  In March 2003, Wudalianchi submitted the“Master Plan of Wudalianchi Global Geopark”to the State Council.


  In February 2004, UNESCO approved Wudalianchi as the first batch of Global Geopark

  In September 2004, National Committee of Human being and Biosphere awarded Wudalianchi the name of Biosphere Reserve of China.

  In October 2004, State Forestry awarded Wudalianchi the name of National Forest Park

  In January, Ministry of Construction awarded Wudalianchi the name of National Natural Heritage.

  In July 2006, China Hometown of Speciality Organization Committee awarded Wudalianchi the name of“Famous Hometown of Volcano in China”.

  In March 2007, National Quality Rating Committee of Tourist Attractions awarded Wudalianchi the National AAAA Scenic Area.

  In November 2007, China Scenic Area Network selection committee, the Ministry of Construction Scenic Area Management Office awarded Wudalianchi as“One of the Most Potential Ten Top Scenic Areas of China.”

  In February 2009, Ministry of Construction of the State Council and other twelve ministries approved“The Master Plan of Wudalianchi Global Geopark”

  In June 2009, The Famous Tourism Town of Wudalianchi started to be constructed.

  In July 2009, Baoshun He and Xiaofeng Wu went to Harbin to attend the 27th executive meeting of the provincial government. The meeting had the focused research on the work carried out for Natural Heritage application of the Wudalianchi Global Geopark.

  In August 2010, IUCN expert Harald Plachter visited Wudalianchi for on-site assessment.

  In September 2010, Director of Administrative Committee of Wudalianchi Global Geopark, Shuguang Qu, received an interview from the German RBB National Television, and gave a comprehensive introduction to the media about resources, protection and tourism in Wudalianchi Global Geopark.

  In October 2010, Provincial Party Secretary of Heilongjiang Province, Ji Bingxuan, led people from Provincial Office, Provincial Policy Research Office, Department of Finance, Department of Construction, Department of Communications, Provincial Agriculture Committee, and Department of Water Resources to Wudalianchi Global Geopark for inspection tour and hosted a work report meeting to guide work.

  Vice Party Secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Committee and acting governor, Xiankui Wang, carried out on-site inspections in Heilong Mountain, the construction site of the tourist town, and Longmen Stone Villiage, and learned details about unique natural resources and tourism resources of Wudalianchi. He inspected and guided more with an emphasis on the inscription of the comprehensive environmental remediation of geoheritage application by Wudalianchi Global Geopark Administration Committee and tourism town construction progress.

  In July 2011, member of the Central Committee Political Bureau, vice chairman of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, Chairman of the National Federation of Trade Unions, Zhaoguo Wang, investigated Wudalianchi Global Geopark. He was accompanied by Yehui He, who is Vice Secretary of NPC Standing Committee, Haoyi Chen, who is vice chairman and chief Secretary of the National Federation of Trade Unions, Jiahao Du, who is Vice Secretary of the Provincial Committee and deputy provincial Governor and Donghui Liu, who is deputy director of Provincial People's Congress. 

  In July 2011, the previous President of the Supreme People's Court, Yang Xiao, visited and inspected Wudalianchi Global Geopark. He was accompanied by Director of Administrative Committee of Wudalianchi Global Geopark, Shuguang Qu, and Minister of the Organization, Qingli Cao.

  In October 2011, Enliang Zhang, Mayor of the Heihe City visited Wudalianchi Geopark to inspect autumn forest protection and tourism town construction. Director of Administrative Committee of Wudalianchi Global Geopark, Shuguang Qu, gave a report to Mayor Zhang. After the report, he and vice director Shuyi Wang accompanied with Mayor Zhang had on-site inspections in Jiaodebu Forest and the new town.